Transit Developers & Partners

As a trusted community partner Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (Houston METRO) shares its transit system data including service alerts and arrival predictions. To get started click on the “Sign Up” link below. Please note that you will need Microsoft Account credentials or Google Account credentials to setup an account. Terms of use and our privacy policy are located below.

METRO's static GTFS file can be located at

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Please be aware that our static IP based GTFS realtime feed will be decommissioned on June 1st, 2020. To continue consuming GTFS realtime information from Houston METRO please sign up for access to our GTFS realtime API through this website.

  • Legacy method being decommissioned: http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XX:8888/gtfsrealtime/TripUpdates
  • Current & future method:{your subscription key}
If you have any questions about this transition please contact Houston METRO at 713-739-4817 or at 713-615-6543. We appreciate your continued partnership.